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Our mission is to deliver professional compliance training and consulting services in the specific areas of child abuse recognition and  health and safety in order to educate employees and mitigate liability.  

About  PTCS Company

Personnel Training & Consulting Services Company (PTCS) was founded in 2011.  Its expertise lies in three areas: child abuse, health and safety instruction, and workplace harassment.  As a California certified mandated reporter trainer, we have the knowledge and experience in child abuse and sexual assault investigations.  Our experienced instructor is passionate about preventing child abuse through education.

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PTCS company uses accepted and well known training delivery methods such as andragogy type teaching during our workshops.  We understand that adult learners need content that is engaging while being relevant to their employment in order to help them make better decisions and be responsible for their actions.  A failure to properly train your employees could be a litigation nightmare causing you to lose thousands; allow us the opportunity to help you mitigate liability.

Our Training Methods